About Us

We are very happy to say we had a great Kickstarter campaign with no money spent on marketing!






The Story of the Idea

Tollo was born out of necessity.  I work out every day and I needed a bag that would not only hold up to daily abuse but also resist the smell. I searched the internet willing to spend over $200 to find the perfect bag but nothing came up. I decided that day I was going to make one for myself! It was also very important that the bag was made in the USA.


What makes us Special: Exterior 

We are not just another duffle bag with one large out pocket and one giant useless internal bay. We designed this bag to be functional and to help you stay organized. We started with the exterior and created one large easy access drop pocket with two water bottle holders on either side. The sides of the bag have another zipper pocket and a suede lined technology pocket and a shoe holder so your shoes can breathe. On the back side, we have three large pockets and two straps to hold your roller or yoga mat

The Exterior of the bag is made of Military Grade Ballistics Material which is not only strong but also water resistant. The Zippers are military grade and water resistant. The vents are strategically placed so the bag is able to breathe easier. We wanted this bag to be able to handle a lifetime of abuse!


In the interior, we have an antimicrobial and ripstop material. This material is wipeable and breathable. The Magic of the bag is our two zippable and removable bays! These bays are made of an anti-microbial material with a special anti-microbial mesh material to give them structure. They can be crushed flat and still bounce back. All of the antimicrobial material is breathable and is able to not only help resist bacteria but also smell. 


  • Exterior: Military Grade Ballistic Material 
  • Spacer Material Vents 
  • Water Resistant 
  • Ripstop 
  • Anti-Microbial 
  • Whippable 
  • Breathable 
  • Organized 
  • Suede lined Technology pocket 
  • Velcro drop Pocket 
  • 4 outer zipper pockets 
  • Roller or Yoga Mat straps 
  • Two Water Bottle holders 
  • Removable Bays 
  • Large Interior Bay 
  • Outer Shoe Holder 
  • Memory Foam hand and shoulder straps 
  • Double Zipper on most pockets